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15 Can’t-Miss Food Experiences at Union Market

Union Market in NoMa - Food hall and shopping center in Washington, DC

Visit this vibrant culinary haven in NoMa for a variety of deliciousness.

Welcome to Union Market, DC’s hippest feasting ground, a revived mid-century produce- and meat-selling bazaar that holds food stalls, informal restaurants and kitchenware boutiques in NoMa. We’re focusing on some of the tastiest experiences to be had at the hub, which is open every day of the week except Monday. Remember to use #MyDCcool when sharing your Union Market revelry!

1 A jammin’-worthy sammy and a loaded drink at Buffalo and Bergen

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Yep, that’s a Bob Marley reference and yep, the sandwiches at Buffalo & Bergen JAM. Try the mountain shiksa, packed with homemade bourbon and brown sugar salmon, maple pecan cream cheese cheese and bacon; this dynamo is served up on an egg bagel (or knish, if you prefer). Looking for a choice beverage? Try the Lox’d and Loaded, a Ketel One spicy bloody mary garnished with an everything bagel featuring lox, cream cheese, capers and red onion. Bro.

2 Unlock unreal meat flavors at Red Apron Butchery

Red Apron Butchery - Washington, DC

Pretty simple, right? Of course, you have plenty of choices at Red Apron, with nearly 80 artisanal products to choose from. Chef Nathan Anda and Neighborhood Restaurant Group have redefined the butchery, using only natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free beef, pork, lamb and poultry. Sandwich selections are fierce, including the Red Apron Original, which pairs quite well with Nate’s Fries.

3 Savor a large platter at Rappahannock Oyster Bar

Rappahannock Oyster Bar restaurant in Union Market - Places to eat in NoMa Washington, DC

As one of the few oyster bars to be enjoyed in the District, Rappahannock Oyster Bar has maintained a comfy home at Union Market, satisfying all comers with pristine oysters and clams from nearby Virginia. The large platter gets you 12 mixed raw oysters and a half-dozen raw clams, perfect for sharing with a friend as you sip on white wine or a local draft from Devils Backbone.

4 Try a poke bowl at The District Fishwife

@dcfishwife - Poke Bowl from District Fishwife at Union Market - Washington, DC

The seafood party continues with The District Fishwife, a 440-square-foot fish market owned and operated by a husband and wife team. Fishwife offers both fresh fish and prepared meals, and the poke bowl is one of its most oft-praised of the latter. The Hawaiian fish is prepared tuna-style, with a spicy version and a more traditional version teaming up with warm rice, seaweed salad, ginger and carrot for a flavor explosion.

5 Enjoy a different kind of taco at TaKorean

TaKorean - Places to Eat at Union Market - Washington, DC

Asian-style tacos? Sign us up. TaKorean started as a food truck and is now a Union Market favorite. Korean-style proteins (including beef, chicken, pork and tofu) and a soft-corn tortilla make up your base, unless you want to roll with a slaw or rice bowl. Topping options are mouthwatering, including cool lime crema, Sriracha chili sauce and salsa roja. TaKorean also does TaKo Tuesday, when you can get their creations for just two bucks each.

6 See what all the dosa fuss is all about at DC Dosa

DC Dosa - Dosas at Union Market - Washington, DC

Founded by Priya Ammu, native of Bombay, India, DC Dosa doles out South Indian lentil crepes that can be stuffed with ingredients of your choosing. The street-food staple now has a strong presence in DC thanks to Ammu, who has been wowing taste buds at this Union Market locale. Browse the menu and daydream on all of the hearty combos, then find your way to this fast-casual gem.

7 Visit a cheesemonger at Righteous Cheese

Patrons at Righteous Cheese in Union Market - Cheese Shop in Washington, DC

Such a thing does exist! Righteous Cheese gathers rare and unique artisanal cheeses for your enjoyment, with experts on-hand to guide you through the experience. Choose from more than 80 cut-to-order handmade cheeses, then turn your attention to other grocery items like pasta, cured meats, olives and antipasto. Round out the haul by picking the best beer or wine (or both) from Righteous Cheese’s lists to pair with your other flavors. Of course, you can also have the shop arrange a specialty item for you beforehand.

8 Find falooda at Toli Moli

Toli Moli - Food Vendors at Union Market - Washington, DC

Toli Moli specializes in falooda, a dessert that is prevalent throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinents. The shop’s healthy and flavorful take on falooda is turning it into a DC sensation as well. The royal falooda is the most popular variation: a mix of pomegranate-ginger jellies, rice noodle pudding, vanilla ice cream, rosewater syrup and a rotating cast of seasonal items. If that wasn’t appetizing enough, Toli Moli now offers noodle salads, too.

9 Be Belgian at Saison Wafel Bar

@mariajentzsch - Waffles at Union Market - Washington, DC

Founded by Jean Van Haute, former executive chef to the Belgian Ambassador, Saison Wafel Bar goes uber-authentic with Belgian waffles inside Union Market. Using local and premium ingredients, real sugar and waffle irons imported from Belgium, you can go sweet or savory with the delectable breakfast treat that you do NOT have to eat for breakfast. Top the delicious bread with fruit and whipped cream, or add some veggies – no matter what, it will be way better than an Eggo.

10 Get Creole’d at Puddin’

Puddin' - Union Market Food Vendor - Washington, DC

Spark the Southern in your palate with a visit to Puddin’, which is known for churning out some of the best shrimp ‘n' grits in the District. Owner/chef Toyin Alli started out as a street food vendor at Eastern Market, but her “divine comfort food” is now served through the Union Market location, two food trucks and other local markets. Beyond the S’N’G, Alli whips up amazing takes on chicken ‘n' beef sausage gumbo, po’ boy sandwiches and another crowd favorite, Brown Butter Bourbon Bread Puddin’.

11 Say hello to the weekend with a bagel from Neopol Savory Smokery
Say hello to the weekend with a bagel from Neopol Savory Smokery Neopol Savory Smokery

A trip to Neopol Savory Smokery is a great idea any time, as the shop offers gourmet foods, including artisanal smoked salmon, Tuesday through Sunday. However, step inside on a Saturday or Sunday morning for one of its outstanding bagels. We’re getting hungry just listing the choices: smoked salmon with cream cheese, tomato, capers and red onion; smoked whitefish salad with artisan greens, tomato and red onion; smoked bacon and tomato with cream cheese and red onion; we’d go on, but we imagine you’ve set a calendar appointment in your phone already. Shop opens at 8 a.m. on the weekends.

12 Scoop up a scoop from Trickling Springs

Trickling Springs Creamery at Union Market  - Washington, DC

We all scream for ice cream, especially when you’re purchasing it from Trickling Springs Creamery after an awesome afternoon or evening at Union Market. Pick from an array of ice cream flavors, but the sweet goodness does not stop there. Trickling Springs also offers root beer floats, fresh milkshakes, grass-fed milk, yogurt smoothies and cheese. You can even purchase large servings of ice cream for the home freezer.

13 Take in up to six dazzling courses at Masseria
Take in up to six dazzling courses at Masseria Scott Suchman / Masseria

Chef Nicholas Stefanelli’s Michelin-starred Italian restaurant presents one of the city’s finest dining experiences. With an uncomplicated menu consisting of three to six courses, each plate is equipped with loads of Italian flavor and pristine culinary style. Stefanelli’s menu guides you along the Italian coast, showcasing classic pastas, seafood and rare meat dishes like rabbit and squab. You’re in for an adventure.

14 Rock a lobster taco at Bidwell

Lobster tacos at Bidwell in Union Market - Must-try food at Union Market in NoMa

Bidwell is Chef John Mooney’s Southern-inspired home run of a restaurant, dealing in comfort food with more dazzle than you’d come to expect. The restaurant, which grows most of its produce on the market's rooftop, was named a Bib Gourmand honoree in DC's Michelin Guide. A lobster taco, served with avocado-tomatillo salsa, is a fantastic shareable dish to kick off a meal (and we’re not saying you can’t have it yourself as an entrée). Of course, you can also get your comfort from herb-roasted half chicken or grilled hanger steak.

15 Bask in barbecue bliss at The BBQ Joint

The BBQ Joint - Union Market - Washington, DC

Brisket, ribs, sandwiches, meat platters – The BBQ Joint, a passionate creation from Chef Andrew Evans, has all you need for a true barbecue experience. All the fixin’s are available, including large sides of corn bread, potato salad and baked beans, and you can even order meat by the pound. Although you’ll be inside Union Market, you’ll feel like you’re at a backyard party when chowing down on Evans’ signature flavors.

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