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Convention & Tour Operators Metro Pass

New 3-Day Unlimited Metrorail Pass for Convention-Goers and Tour Operators

A discounted three-day unlimited Metrorail pass is now available exclusively through a partnership with Destination DC and Metro. Geared toward convention attendees and tour operators, the Convention Pass is sold in quantities of 250 or more and provides a discount of more than 30 percent off the regular one-day pass price.

The Convention Pass SmarTrip® card comes pre-loaded with three one-day Metrorail passes that allow unlimited travel – with no time restrictions – on the day it is used. By purchasing the Convention Pass, tour operators and convention-goers can save a significant amount versus purchasing one-day passes individually. Cards do not have to be used on consecutive days.

The regular cost for a single One-Day Pass is $14.75. But with the Convention Pass, you get three One Day Passes for only $30. Minimum order: 250 cards. The Convention Pass SmarTrip® card is also available for custom branding. Minimum order: 6,000 cards.

Complete Details for Meeting Planners (PDF)

Complete Details for Tour Operators (PDF)

It takes six weeks to process and deliver cards.

For more information and to place an order please contact Eva.James [at] (Eva James), (202) 789-7024.